Buddyman: Kick

Introducing the funniest superhero of the 21st century! It’s you who moulds Buddyman’s destiny and helps him become the greatest hero of all time! Make his training really tough: place the hero between the hammer and the anvil and do whatever you want: test your skills and discover hundreds of fantastic interactive features including:

- Amazing missions!
- Realistic Buddyman model!
- Vivid graphics!
- Funny taunts and tricks!
- Awesome items and categories!
- Awesome setting!
- Fantastic achievements!

Please meet our characters

  • Buddyman


    The world's cutest superhero destined to rescue you from stress and boredom. Let him become the best friend of yours!

  • Buddymanbot


    Fully charged and ready to kick, this is Buddyman’s relentless adversary.