Buddyman: Kick 2

The ultimate superhero of the 21st century is back! Meet Buddyman in the incredible Buddyman: Kick 2. Discover the most action-packed, stress-relieving game ever! Join Buddyman in his training and let him become your best friend! Train with Buddyman under the guidance of the wise Sensei Kick-san, and make an incredible progress one could never imagine before. The game features:

- Lots and lots of new incredible items
- Shopping with pleasure: new packages available now
- Astoundingly realistic graphics
- Ultra cool missions: give a new understanding to the word challenge
- Epic Superkicks: extra drive to destress after a hard day
- Innovative physical engine: new level of interactivity
- Super classy sounds

Please meet our characters

  • Buddyman


    The world's cutest superhero destined to rescue you from stress and boredom. Let him become the best friend of yours!

  • Sensei Kick-san

    Sensei Kick-san

    Buddyman's mentor, tutor and trainer. Out of his mouth come words of wisdom!